Zonar provides electronic fleet inspection, tracking and operations solutions for public and private fleets.  Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Zonar built the first Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report (EVIR) system revolutionizing how pre- and post-trip inspections, mandated by state and federal law, are conducted by commercial and private fleets.  Today, it has grown into a comprehensive high-return telematics platform providing an expansive set of solutions that remains simple to use.

Zonar’s V3™ GPS solution provides the first GPS system to capture latitude, longitude, time and odometer — information you won’t get from your average GPS solution.  Now you can see your vehicles’ speed and activities in real time, giving you information you can trust to make important decisions. Plus, data is reported intelligently on significant events every 18-20 seconds on average, saving on data overhead. The V3™ also serves as the hub that connects all of Zonar’s in-vehicle modules. In addition to integrating with Zonar’s optional pre- and post-trip inspection module, EVIR®, the V3™ can also operate with an optional emergency button and inputs which can be used to capture events like door-open, flashers on, etc. 

The Zonar GPS product integrates seamlessly to the BusPlanner GPS Tracking and Analysis module which allows for further comparative analysis against your planned route data.  Zonar’s 24-7-365 customer service provides comprehensive, personal service when something isn’t working the way it should – or if you just need to ask a question. 

Synovia Solutions

Synovia Solutions empowers school districts and boards throughout the United States and Canada to eliminate wasteful spending due to hidden costs associated with transporting students and managing service vehicles. School bus contractors and operators also benefit from these solutions, enabling them to enhance transportation services for their customers in the educational market.

Georef’s BusPlanner Student Transportation Management Suite includes integrated facilities that utilize this GPS data to enhance the effectiveness of your route planning.

GPS Hosting Inc.

GPS Hosting Inc. provides remote data hosting for transportation providers with GPS solutions.  Our third-party hosting means that you won’t need to maintain data or buy extra server space—and with our secure server located right here in Canada, your data will never cross international borders.  We also keep your data available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that you’ll always be able to access the information you need.

With GPS Hosting, you'll know that your GPS data is secure, complete, and easily accessible when you need it. 

DMTI Spatial

DMTI Spatial is a customer-centric provider of location content and software solutions exclusively focused on helping companies achieve measurable business value from location intelligence.  Clients such as Genworth Financial, Rogers Communications, Lombard Insurance, and Canadian Tire rely on DMTI Spatial location intelligence solutions to make dramatically better decisions about the markets, customers and services.  In addition to our Location Content Solutions, DMTI Spatial software includes the Location Hub® product suite that uniquely identifies, validates and maintains a universe of location-based data. 

The following topographical and base maps are available for most of Canada:

  1. Canadian Atlas Bundle: A Canada-wide collection of the following data: cities, parks, country roads in rural areas, incorporated communities, First Nations communities, unincorporated cities, shoreline features, hydrography, forested areas, terrain features, resource related features, man-made features and transportation-related features.
  2. National Topographic Database (NTDB): Available at 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scale for all of Canada. The dataset is structured and positionally accurate making it well suited for a wide range of applications including: planning real estate developments, managing municipal and natural resources, and much more.
  3. Canadian Road Network (CRN): A national digital database of Canada’s road infrastructure derived from the NTDB. The dataset includes streets, limited access roads, highways, main and secondary roads as well as provincial and international borders.
  4. Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED): Terrain elevation data can be used to generate contours, terrain profiles, aspect and slope analysis and line of site data for infrastructure design.
  5. Six Digit Postal Code File: The six digit postal code file is the best postal code file in Canada. It contains a separate point for each six digit postal code with the census 1996 population and dwelling counts.
  6. Total Address File: The total address file provides a point location for each municipal address. Attributes include the property type with building description, legal description, property class as well as latitude and longitude.
  7. Cities, Towns and Villages: Dataset includes the names of over 30,000 Canadian communities including cities, incorporated communities and unincorporated communities


    Georef is a proud Business Partner to the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT).  NAPT is a not-for-profit organization that supports the $10.5 billion student transportation industry, comprised of over 450,000 professionals who transport more than 24 million students every school day.