The BusPlanner Suite

BusPlanner is Georef’s full-featured Student Transportation Management Suite. With BusPlanner, you can produce highly efficient routing solutions for your transportation needs. Our BusPlanner Pro software provides a facility for all transportation staff to easily access vital information, plan bus routes and analyze the effectiveness of your overall solution. Built using Georef’s established spatial database platform, the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is extended to this transportation management application.

Whether you manage transportation for 50 or 500,000 students, BusPlanner can work for you!

The BusPlanner Suite also includes fully integrated, state-of-the-art products for many additional needs, including:

  • Online student transportation information
  • Map management & planning
  • Real-time GPS tracking & analysis
  • Live student data communication 

For more information on our BusPlanner Suite, please visit our product site at